Double Turnover Card Sleight

by Dai Vernon


Turn over two cards as if they were one.

Tutorial Video


  1. Start by holding the deck in dealer's grip.
  2. Rest the tip of your other hand's middle finger on the short edge of the deck that is farthest from you.
  3. Rest that same hand's thumb on the short edge of the deck that is closest to you.
  4. Use that thumb to secretly lift two cards vertically about a quarter inch from the deck.
  5. Hold a pinky break under the two cards and move your top hand to the side of the deck with the break.
  6. Insert your top hand's index finger into the break and your top hand's thumb above the top card.
  7. Close your index finger and thumb together so that you are holding the top two cards.
  8. Pull the two cards as one away from your deck hand's thumb.
  9. Right before the two cards fall off of the side of the deck, turn them over and replace them, as one, back onto the deck.
  10. Catch a pinky break under the two cards before you place them on the deck.
  11. Once the spectators see the "card" that you have shown (really two cards), repeat the move to replace both face down onto the deck.

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