Deck Memorization Card Trick

by John Kurlak


The magician shuffles a deck of cards. Then, he fans through the cards with the faces towards himself. After he spreads through the deck, he claims, "I have memorized the entire deck of cards!" He then proceeds to pull the top card off of the deck, and he shows it to the spectator's. Without looking, he correctly calls out the suit and value of the card. He then drops the card and takes another, which he again shows to the audience. He names the suit and value of this card too. He repeats the process until he has either called out the value of every card in the deck or the audience is sufficiently amazed.


  1. Start by peeking the suit and value of the top card of the deck as you perform a riffle shuffle.
  2. Then, spread through the cards so that only you can see their values.
  3. Pretend to memorize the cards as you spread through them.
  4. When you get through all of the cards, close the spread and square the cards.
  5. Announce that you have successfully memorized the entire deck!
  6. Substantiate your claim by showing the audience the top card and calling out the suit and value that you memorized earlier.
  7. As you are announcing the suit and value of the card, get a pinky break under the next top card, transfer the pinky break to a thumb base break, and then turn your hand so that it is perpendicular to the ground.
  8. You should be able to peek the value of the next top card as you announce the card you're holding in your other hand. Memorize the card that you peeked.
  9. Drop the single card you are holding in your other hand, pick up the next top card, and repeat the process.
  10. You should be able to continue calling out cards all the way to the last card.
  11. If you are uncomfortable peeking the last card, you can always memorize it in the beginning of the trick during the shuffle.

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